Visit College Campuses

There's nothing like being on a campus to experience what attending that college is all about.

As you're thinking about what college you'd like to attend, ask yourself, "What kind of college campus best suits you?" Contact the admissions office of colleges that you're interested in visiting and set up a guided tour. As you're visiting the campuses, ask lots of questions so you get a sense of what it would be like to go there.

Things to ask when scheduling your campus visit:

  • Can I meet professors and students from the department I'm interested in while I’m visiting campus?
  • Can I meet with an academic advisor to see what classes I'll need to take for the major I want to study?
  • Can I meet with a financial aid advisor during my visit to learn about ways to pay for college?
  • If my parents only speak another language, can a translator be provided? Are tours offered in other languages?

Things to ask your campus tour guide:

  • How do I apply for admission? When is the deadline and how much is the application? Do you offer application fee waivers?
  • How many students attend school here? What's the average class size? Are there multiple campuses and locations?
  • Are there specific requirements to be accepted into your school? Do I need to have a certain GPA and ACT score? Are there certain classes I should be taking in high school?
  • Do you have dorms or apartments for students? How much do they cost? Do you ever have to turn people away? Where do I find out about off-campus housing?
  • What kind of student organizations, activities, and opportunities are there on campus? Where can I find out more about them?
  • How do I apply for financial aid, and when are the deadlines?
  • What scholarships are available, and when are the deadlines?
  • Are there any college planning workshops or college fairs I can attend?
  • How do I find a job on campus?