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What is a Community Partner?

UtahFutures Community Partners connects schools, students, and job seekers with businesses, colleges, universities, non-profit organizations and interest groups. Community Partners contribute their knowledge and experience to their community and schools, educate young people and adult job seekers about skills needed in the workforce. They also participate in career related learning opportunities for students so they develop meaningful and realistic career and educational plans.

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Benefits of Becoming a Community Partner

As a Community Partner you will increase the knowledge about and visibility of your business, college, university, organization, or group at no cost to you. You will be able to:

  • Send Messages — Send messages about your organization to UtahFutures customers.
  • Post Announcements — Post the latest announcements to UtahFutures customers.
  • Post Videos — Show off your organization to UtahFutures users by posting videos.
  • Identify — Identify your business or organization as a future employment option.
  • Participate — Participate in school activities and community events.
  • Be part of — Be a part of a systematic effort for offering support to schools and students.

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