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Choosing Military

The military protects our Constitution, our country, our interests, and our allies.

Branches Of Service

Where people work and the jobs they perform can vary depending on the branch of service they're in. Not all opportunities are the same in each branch. Learn more before you make a decision.


Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard: every branch of service offers multiple ways to pay for your education or train for a civilian career. It's up to you to decide when and how.

Military Occupations

After basic training, enlistees receive technical or advanced training. This Training prepares you for your job in the military.

Joining the Military

How you enter into the service is very important. It can determine the direction of both your military and civilian career. The process is relatively simple, but there's a lot to consider!

Military Life

No matter what branch you choose, your way of life will be radically transformed as you serve in one of the largest, most organized military forces in history.


Parents play an important role in their child's decision about joining the military. As with any career choice, students need to understand what the commitment means and how it will affect their long-term options.

Leaving The Military

Re-entering the civilian world can be a huge adjustment for military personnel. The longer you are in the armed forces, the more challenging it may be. But with the right attitude, and a little help, it can be very rewarding to apply the skills you learned in the military to a civilian career.


The military is a reflection of America, and is just as diverse. Unlike in the civilian world, service members have to work together as a team, regardless of their cultural background, religious beliefs, or gender.