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Imagine you are attending a party with six game tables where people eagerly engage in games. Table 1 - Realistic, Table 2 - Investigative, Table 3 - Artistic, Table 4 - Social, Table 5 - Enterprising, Table 6 - Conventional. Select which table you would sit down at first, second and third. Once the three tables are selected view your results to research the occupations that may be of interest.

Realistic - A game for people who like nature, athletics, or tools and machinery.

Investigative - A game for people who are very curious and like to investigate or analyze things.

Artistic - A game for people who are very artistic, imaginative, and/or innovative.

Social - A game for people who are drawn to helping, teaching, or serving others.

Enterprising - A game for people who like to start up projects or organizations, and/or influence or persuade people.

Conventional - A game for people who like detailed work and like to complete tasks or projects.

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Adapted from the Career Information System created by intoCareers a unit of the University of Oregon.