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Read each statement and decide how important it is to you. (Most Important, Important, Somewhat Important, Less Important, Least Important). You must select 4 statements for each category.

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Question Response
I make use of my abilities
I would be treated fairly by the company
I could be busy all the time
The job would provide an opportunity for advancement
I could give directions and instructions to others
The work could give me a feeling of accomplishment
My pay would compare well with that of other workers
My co-workers would be easy to get along with
I could try out my ideas
I could work alone
I would never be pressured to do things that go against my sense of right and wrong
I could receive recognition for the work I do
I could make decisions on my own
The job would provide for steady employment
I could do things for other people
I have supervisors who would back up their workers with management
I have supervisors who train their workers well
I could do something different every day
The job would have good working conditions
I could plan my work with little supervision
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Adapted from a career planning component of the intoCareers Career Information System.