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College and Career Planning

My Story

This activity helps you think about things that you are good at, that you enjoy, and that make you special. These characteristics are called strengths, talents and interests. You can use them in school and work.


Please answer all the questions below by filling in the text boxes or selecting an option from the drop down menu. When you are finished, select the Timeline button to receive credit for completing this activity.


Relationships & Responsibilities
Example: My English teacher because I have learned so much from him.
Example text: Taking out the trash, cleaning my room, and mowing the lawn.
School Work

Hobbies and Leisure
Example: Play tennis, ski, play video games, cook and hangout with friends.
Example: I like to spend time outside, my friends are important to me and I love to experiment with different recipes.
Work Experience (Paid or Unpaid or Volunteer)
Example: Babysitter, Mowing Lawns…
Example: I feel like I am doing something important or helpful.
Example: Someone is closely watching me and correcting everything I do.
My Special Qualities
Example: I am reliable, I am a good friend, I am funny, I am good at math, I can play guitar.
Example: Get along well with other people, play music, and have fun.
Example: Making the varsity tennis team and going to the regional science fair.
Example text: I need to improve my test taking skills.
Example: Rock star/musician


Example: Learn and explore new things
Example: Getting along with other people, math, science, music and participating on sports teams.
Example: Health sciences such as a doctor, teacher, or a coach.

Adapted from the Career Information System created by intoCareers a unit of the University of Oregon.