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College and Career Planning

More About Me

Thinking about your past can help you plan for the future. Your past provides insights about your interests, values, abilities, skills and personality. These characteristics are called strengths, talents and interests. You can use them in school and work.


Please read and respond to all of the questions below by typing your responses in the appropriate text boxes. Take time to think about when you were younger and what was important to you at that time. When you are finished, select the Timeline button to receive credit for completing this activity.




Elementary School

Middle School/Junior High

High School to Date

Pre School:
Elementary School:
Middle School:
High School:


Example: I’ve been a risk-taker, I am a survivor, I’m persistent regardless of the obstacles.
Example: people, data, information or something.

Example: communication, public speaking or leadership
Example: I like working with others or I have a knack for computers.

Adapted from the Career Information System created by intoCareers a unit of the University of Oregon.