What about an occupation is important to you? Is it important because you know the name? Because you know someone who works in the occupation or you’ve seen it on TV? Because you can make a lot of money?

To understand what is important to you complete the Bobilator.


Each page will provide you information about 10 occupations. Study the information provided for each occupation and then consider the question for that page as your rank them.

Traditional - Rank them, by dragging and dropping, most interesting at the top of the stack and least interesting at the bottom.
Quick - Rank them most interesting as 1st to least interesting as 10th.

This is not a test!

Select "Traditional" if you would like to use the interactive drag and drop or select "Quick" if you are a non-mouse user or if you would like to select using radio buttons.

Be Aware!!  If you do not login, you will not be able to save the results of this activity.